Ukrainian nationwide voluntary youth organization

Association of volunteers’ recruiting and training



Office 500, 73 Tsentralny (Lenina) Ave., 54003, Mykolayiv, Ukraine


Our Mission



The fact that Ukraine is in need of urgent and efficient modernization, in absence of which the very existence of the state can turn out problematic is a common knowledge. Modernization primarily lies in the implementation of social practices and product technologies effectively working in other countries into Ukraine economy.


That is why we regard volunteers work (i.e. the unpaid voluntary work for the good of other people) basically as the means for the renewal of the social capital in society), as an instrument for the inner work for the citizens directed on themselves and their country. But the desire to change the world isn't enough - one also requires knowledge explaining how to do it.


Learning other peoples, cultures and languagesgives us an access to the treasury of the world's experience, the efficient use of which will help Ukraine to find a way in the contemporary global world.









Development and support of volunteers, initiatives on national and international levels. Organization of volunteers, recruiting for participation in various projects both in Ukraine and abroad.




Teaching volunteers foreign languages for the sake of their effective interrelations.




Teaching volunteers basics of western business and intellectual cultures, as well as separate necessary skills letting them work successfully.




All possible back up of non-commercial cultural international exchange, erasure of language barriers, development of volunteers, movement and youth tourism in Ukraine.



Our aim


Building the system of volunteers, recruiting and training for their use in non-commercial projects both in Ukraine and abroad that would provide conditions for learning foreign languages and basics of western business and intellectual cultures in the process of volunteers, activities.

Our tasks


Our suggestions



We provide support in the sphere of volunteers  recruiting.


We search programs for those willing to participate in volunteers movement.


We organize the system of educational establishments ready to train volunteers on condition of using the acquired knowledge in the non-commercial sector


We create new opportunities for volunteers work and international tourism via cooperation with Ukrainian hostel-associations).

Office 500, 73 Tsentralny (Lenina) Ave., 54003, Mykolayiv, Ukraine

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